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Gleina Castle courtyard
Logo Gleina Castle Saxony-Anhalt
Gleina Castle was built in 1739 as a hoof-shaped baroque complex.

Gleina Castle!

What is that?

Wedding guests, birthday children, wine lovers, painters, authors, craftsmen, actors, musicians, philosophers, filmmakers, creative people: welcome to the castle! 

Spend time in the castle to celebrate a party or to realize a project or to take part in our Artist in Residence project. Renovated work and sleeping rooms are available, as well as those that we have deliberately not made any major changes. Of course, we are also looking forward to volunteers who can help improve the infrastructure.

Gleina Castle from a bird's eye view
Gleina Castle park side


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Gleina as an event location

Gleina as an art location

Contact: Gleina Castle, Hauptstrasse 30, 06632 Gleina | +49 173 265 45 51 (Klaus Karwarth)

Schloss Gleina Verein, Dienerstrasse 64, 8004 Zurich | +41 76 571 04 44 (Monica Flunser)

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