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Gleina Castle
Gleina Castle offers an Artists in Residence program
Logo Gleina Castle as a cultural location

Yes, exactly, an Artist in Residence is possible at Gleina Castle. We have four large studios for artists and accordingly four rooms with kitchen and bathroom. We have been able to host great artists. The stays are financed primarily by ourselves. But we are also trying to get foundation funding in Switzerland and Germany. Our goal is to enable artists and cultural workers to stay free of charge. Our program is aimed exclusively at professional cultural workers and usually runs from May possible until September of the year.

For further information contact Monica Flunser

Telephone: +41 76 571 04 44

Gleina Castle!

Artists in Residence

Works by Barbara Gwerder in Gleina Castle

Gleina Castle! Contact?

Gleina Castle Cultural Projects looks forward to hearing from you. Be it for a castle tour, our Artist in Residence program or a party in the beautiful rooms.


Klaus Karwarth will be happy to provide information when it comes to

Rental or guided tours are possible

Contact Klaus Karwarth

Telephone: +49 173 265551


Monica Flunser is happy to provide information when it comes to cultural inquiries:

Contact Monica Flunser

Telephone: +41 76 571 04 44


Castle location

Hauptstrasse 30, 06632 Gleina, Saxony-Anhalt


Address club

International cultural & Gleina Castle Support Association (IK&FVSG)

Managing Director Felix Schenker

Dienerstrasse 64

8004 Zurich

Telephone: +41 76 337 59 99

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