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Building on a biennial structure, a socio-cultural exchange will take place in the castle for the second time in 2024. The invited artists for the Art Summer 24 can use a residence in the castle of their choice from May 2023 until the start of the exhibition in 2024 to work on their ideas and works on site, without pressure and without specifications. What is important here is not the focus on results, but rather new paths and perspectives for artistic development and the experimental character that we want to support. The residency period in Gleina Castle can be an island to either reposition yourself in artistic creation, try out something unusual or also to concentrate on researching the current work, developing it further and exchanging ideas about it. KOSMOS [KA-OS ] 24 not only offers art processes, an exhibition but also a music festival.

Gleina Castle!


Programm und Vorverkauf ab Donnerstag, 16. Mai 2024 

Claudia Waldner Kuratorin der Binnale Kosmos 2024 im Schloss Gelina


Curator Claudia Waldner is responsible for the project, which will take place in September 2024. She managed the Kunsthaus Zofingen for several years and has produced a large number of art publications. Claudia Waldner was born in Munich in 1975, but has lived in Switzerland since 2004.

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